Mia Krys is a visual activist currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is centered around form, narrative and movement. Krys began working with large format film in 2017 as a means of forcing herself to slow down and remain present, and pairs traditional darkroom techniques with an experimental approach to portray thought provoking narratives.

Though much of Krys’ most recent work deals with more politically ‘divisive' topics such as identity and sexuality, she believes that by equally acknowledging both our differences as human beings and our shared universal experiences, a more tolerant world can be created. Krys’ work seeks to create separate lands of ‘us’ and ‘them’ by discussing topics such as identity politics, bridging them back together with concepts such as humility, attachment, death, and ceremony.

Krys does not solely identify as a photographer, but experimental large format film remains her primary form of expression among other photographic formats and processes, sculpture and motion picture film.